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Turning over and eating new leaves

  It has been a while! But I haven't forgotten, I've just focused less on food and more on houseplant horticulture. I got bitten by the plant and garden bug earlier this year and added several plants to my once small family of two peace plants, a Philippine Evergreen, a jade, a lemon lime dracaena, and a monstera. Now I've got too many to mention. I've also revived my outdoor balcony plant presence, growing herbs and fuchsia varieties.  It's certainly been a therapeutic and enriching hobby.  However, back to food. I haven't blogged as much because the dining scene isn't the same during Covid-19. And cooking whatever I feel like all the time while indoors isn't so good for the waistline, either, which leads me to the anti-inflammatory diet. A friend gave me a book called The Abascal Way, and I've been reading it here and there. It's about the TQI diet. TQI stands for "To Quiet Inflammation." I'm currently reading to glean information

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