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Chalakiles weather

It's fall here. October is in full swing: It was 30°F/-1.11°C this morning, Halloween is in two days, and things outside are dying and drying. If that sounds morbid, it isn't really. This is just the time when nature rests before its eventual renewal.

A few weeks ago, I made a very big pot of chalakiles, which is Chamorro porridge. It has ground rice, chicken, black pepper, achote seeds for flavor and color, onions, garlic, and coconut milk. Inheriting that don't-waste-a-thing sensibility from my parents who were raised by parents who lived through both World Wars, I used the leftover poultry and bones for stock from my $4.99 Costco chicken (at least I think that's where it came from--the sensibility ;)).

Chalakiles must have some of its roots from Mexican cuisine because there is a chilaquiles that also uses shredded chicken as a main ingredient. (Mexico was one of Spain's stops while conducting trade via galleons with the Philippines, and Guam was a port stopover…

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